Lean management coach Stéfany Oliver shares her Movemate journey

Lean management coach Stéfany Oliver shares her Movemate journey

Stéfany Oliver is a lean management coach, food creator, story teller, author, and speaker dedicated to helping people find their daily flow.

When she is not in coaching or experimenting this the kitchen, she enjoys the wonderful garden that her husband Rodney cares for, visiting nearby lakes on her stand up paddleboard with her daughter Bianca, having lovely conversations with her stepson Jaeden, playing ultimate frisbee with friends, and more!

We got in touch with Stéfany to learn about her experience and how it's helping her accomplish her health, fitness and productivity goals. 

How do you typically use Movemate?

I've been able to integrate it so seamlessly in my day-to-day setup with my sit/stand desk, which has been a wonderful addition to help me get moving and get out of my static standing or sitting positions. I'm even using it as a fidget toy for my feet when I am sitting which is helping me be more mindful of my posture, encouraging me to keep my feet on the ground!

How would you describe the way Movemate feels?

I absolutely LOVE it! It feels really natural! I especially love to use it with bare feet, sometimes I put slippers or socks on when my feet are cold and I still get that natural movement feeling! I love to stand up paddle board in the summer and find it reminds me of being in the natural flow of the water.

Do you have a particular goal you hope to accomplish with Movemate?

I had a sports injury two years ago where I broke my ankle, and I noticed it is also helping me strengthen it! I'm hopeful it will help me make better progress on my recovery, which had slowed down due to not being as active as I used to be.



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