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Its not working for us

Most people spend most of their waking hours inactive. It's important to get up and move many times throughout the day.

Harvard Medical School

The solution to sitting isn't to stand. The real solution is to move. The stillness is what's killing us. To stay healthy, you've got to move.

The Guardian

Interspersing short movements and exercises throughout the workday can boost employee energy, engagement and efficiency


Take a movement break every 30 minutes. No matter how much you exercise, sitting for long periods is a risk factor for early death.


It's not about standing up; it's about moving. A chunk of exercise alone is not enough to counteract the effects of a sedentary job.

Fast Company

Excessive inactivity is linked with many diseases and conditions, including back pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and depression.

Mayo Clinic

Movement made simple

Make it easy to stay active despite being stuck at your desk all day.

Start moving in seconds

Exchange inactivity for movement with little effort and zero disruption.

Remain focused on work

Dictate the type and intensity of motion on demand to suit your needs.

Keep your mind and body happy

Feel better

Release tension in your mind and body.

Work better

Sustain higher energy and focus all day.

Live better

Build strength and lead an active lifestyle.

Backed by healthcare practitioners

Movemate improves your daily movement, proprioception, and joint mobility. It's also great for rehabbing lower body injuries.

Katja Bergin

Physical Therapist

Movemate is a wonderful tool that I use with my clients for somatic trauma treatment/therapy, and I have used it myself ever day since I purchased it

Shaun Ouellette

Mental Health Counsellor

Movemate is very accessible for new users. Its dynamic all-direction movement feels natural and stimulates blood flow.

Brad Gerard

Workplace Wellness Expert

Movemate strengthens leg muscles, improves circulation, and helps prevent injury by engaging the core and back.

Dr. Salima Kassam


Movemate allows one to train balance, strength, coordination, and proprioception simultaneously.

Altaf Mapara

Physical Therapist

Movemate breaks sedentary periods without impacting productivity. It allows articulation of calf muscles and postural tendons.

Dr. Leigh Vanderloo

Physical Activity Scientist

Bring life to work

Give your body the freedom it craves, and your work the attention it needs.


Intuitive and user friendly platform.


First-of-its-kind dynamic design.


Easy to adopt for any skill level.

Loved by users


Movemate helps maintain my posture and supports the natural shifts in my body. Its elegant design fits nicely into my home.


Operations Leader


It makes standing at my desk more enjoyable and rewarding! Feels much better to get activity in versus being stationary.


Client Experience Coordinator


Movemate increases my standing time compared to being still! It also keeps my back & legs happy and my energy levels up!


Investment Analyst


Movemate gives a tactile energy release, allowing me to stay more focused and alert! It is a great reminder to move!


Community Manager


Movemate helps me to stay focused while working at my standing desk. I notice better posture and less hunching over.


Video Producer & Photographer


Movemate helps reduce my back pain and discomfort from a chronic condition I have since being still for long is uncomfortable.




Movemate transformed the way I work at home. I get to move frequently, change my posture and improve balance while working!


Senior Account Executive


Movemate is a fun, easy-to-use tool that I would recommend to anyone looking to sit less and build extra stability in their legs.


Founder, Chexy


It's a great reminder to take a movement break. It makes my meetings energetic and helps to strengthen my old ankle injuries!


UX & Web Designer

USA & Canada

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