When your mind is busy
but your body is free

Move the way you're made to move

Patent-pending flexible platform traces natural dynamic movements.

Fluid motion

Each slat moves independently, allowing for smooth dynamic movements.

User friendly

A dynamic low elevation platform ensures extra stability and control.

Focus friendly

User-dictated operation gives you the freedom to move on your terms.

Fun to use

3D design unlocks a playful experience with a variety of moves to explore.

Stay active with little effort
and zero disruption

Works with your work

Move while working

Add healthy movement to your workday without disrupting your workflow.

Take mini active breaks

Wake your body and recharge your mind without leaving your desk space.

Control tempo on demand
to suit your needs

Passive movements

Stay extra focused on your work with subtle fidgety movements.

Active movements

Have fun with a higher tempo, greater range, and playful movements.

Try Movemate for leisure
and physical therapy

Leisure activities

Add motion and play to your living room and office recreational spaces.

Physical therapy

Build lower body strength and mobility in a way that is safe and effective.

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