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The movemate helps me maintain my posture and support the natural shifts in my body. A bonus is its elegant design that fit nicely into the modern decor of my home.

Operations Leader


I’ve had a standing desk for years but can never actually stand for very long while I work. The Movemate changed that completely! This thing really works and keeps your back & legs happy and your energy levels up all day!

Investment Analyst


Movemate is a great reminder to take a much needed movement break. I use it in meetings where I stand at a standing desk the whole time and it makes my meetings WAY more energetic and fun. It also helps to strengthen my old ankle injuries from soccer, so I am really happy about that.

UX & Web Designer


Movemate has been great addition to my workflow. It provides tactile energetic release, allowing me to stay more focused and alert! It is a great reminder to move, and is a dynamic tool to avoid repetitive motion and provide a kinetic release for some of my energy throughout the day.

Community Manager


Movemate helps me stay focused on the task at hand while working at a standing desk. I also notice better posture while working as the symmetrical movement prevents me from hunching over.

Video Producer & Photographer


Movemate is a unique and innovative product that transformed the way I work at home. Instead of conventional standing working, I like that my feet are moving, I'm changing my postures and improving my balance while remaining focused on my work.

Senior Account Executive


I feel more focused, energized and productive while using Movemate. I can see Movemate helping my back pain and discomfort from a chronic condition that I have (sitting for long period is very uncomfortable).



Movemate is a fun easy to use device that encouraged me out of my chair. Recommend to anyone looking to reduce the amount of time they spend sitting and build extra stability in their legs.



Movemate makes standing at my desk more enjoyable. Feels much better to get activity in versus being completely stationary. I like that I can chose my pace and still be focused on work!

Client Experience Coordinator


Movemate allows my body to move on my terms and in ways that I usually don't at work. It was also great for my ankles as I felt that it allowed me to be more flexible and less stiff overall.

Senior Finance Manager


Very intuitive to use and it provides a nice, calming sensation to my feet and legs. It feels like it makes standing more natural somehow, and this lets me focus more on what I am doing.

Cardiovascular Perfusion Student


I feel that I spend far too much time seated during my work day so Movemate has been the ultimate addition to my workspace!

Client Experience Coordinator

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