Let's Movemate!

Watch the video below to learn the basics of using Movemate along with some tips and best practices.


⦿ Positioning the board
⦿ Flooring and footwear
⦿ Lifting and storing

Positioning the board

Place the board parallel to your desk at your desired spot. Clear objects or debris that may come in contact with the board while in use.

💡 Place the board directly infront of your screen or keyboard. See best practices below on how to easily reposition the board while in use.

Flooring and footwear

Use Movemate on any type of flooring surface that is even and clear of debris. Use the board with socks, shoes or barefoot.

💡 Firm surfaces will provide greater range and freedom of motion - especially when twisting.

💡 We highly recommend socks or barefoot to get full the benefits of the board's unique natural dynamic articulation and sensory stimulation capabilities.

Lifting and storing

Use the built-in carrying handles to grip and lift the board. Move the board under your desk, beside your desk or against the wall.

💡When underneath your desk, Movemate doubles as a footrest or fidget to keep you moving while steated.

Get on and move

⦿ Stepping on the board
⦿ Basics of moving on the board
⦿ 5 foundational moves
⦿ Combination moves

💡 Movemate adapts to the natural motion of your lower legs. It's less balancing and more fluid movement. Be loose and allow your body to flow.

Step one foot

Step onto one side of the board.

💡 Plant foot firmly to feel the ground.

Step second foot

Step onto the other side of the board.

💡 Maintain shoulder-width distance.

Find neutral balance

Tilt the board gently into a neutral stance.

💡 Apply equal pressure with both feet.

Basic movements

Shift weight and flex

5 foundational moves

A dynamic platform enables diverse movements which can be altered and mixed into combination moves.


Stand on the board with zero motion by keeping an equal weight distribution.

💡Ideal for hands-on activities like typing.


Shift weight side-to-side across the entire bottom curve of the board.

💡Shift to a wider stance for full extension.


Shift weight front-to-back to perform a calf raise starting with a small range.

💡Bend knees slightly for extra control.


(1) Gently tilt one ankle forward.
(2) Trace forward motion with knee.

💡 Tilt both ankles forward slightly to amplify marching motion.


(1) Turn your upper body left/right.
(2) Allow your lower body to follow along.

💡 Hold a desk or swing arms in the opposit direction to help with twist.

Combination moves

Here are a few combination moves for you to try. Feel free to create your owns as well!

Swing, hold and flex

Swing, hold position, and flex other side.

Swing and flex ("wave")

Shift weight and you land on your heel.

Twist halfway and hold

Rotate to middle and hold back foot.

Stand and squat

Stand and dip down into a squat.

Swing and twist ("walk")

Swing to grip the ground while twisting.

Best Practices

⦿ Begin with mindful movements
⦿ Try hands-free work first
⦿ "Walk" to reposition board
⦿ Strike a healthy balance
⦿ Ease pressure with motion

Movemate is intuitive, but it is still a new experience. Follow these tips for an optimal experience.

Begin with mindfulness

Start each session and new move by feeling your way a slow, controlled and deliberate manner.

✔️ Warm up feet and legs
✔️ Help create rhythm and momentum

Try hands-free work first

If you're new to Movemate, begin with "hands-free" activities such as calls, reading, meetings, thinking, etc.

✔️ Easy way to explore and familiarize
✔️ Opportunity to replace inactive time

"Walk" to reposition board

"Walk" the board to reposition by twisting in the direction you want to move towards and realigning the board accordingly.

✔️ Reposition with ease while working
✔️ Opportunity to move your body

Strike a healthy balance

Start with 5-10 minute sessions 2-3 times a day spaced out throughout your day in the morning and afternoon.

✔️ Safely build stamina and strength
✔️ Build a sustainable habit of movement

Ease pressure with motion

Standing still for long periods can create foot pressure. Flex and shift slightly to relieve this sensation or take a break.

✔️ Your body reminding you to move
✔️ Your body telling you to take a break

Make your moves!

Movemate's intuitive flexible platform gives you the freedom to explore, play and even create your own moves and combinations.