Movemate™ Active Standing Board
Movemate™ Active Standing Board
Movemate™ Active Standing Board
Movemate™ Active Standing Board
Movemate™ Active Standing Board

Movemate™ Active Standing Board

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Add healthy movement into your desk-bound workday without disrupting your workflow to feel, work and live better.

Movemate is endorsed by healthcare practitioners, design experts, workplace wellness consultants, and hundreds of desk-bound workers.

  • Footprint: 26.50in x 11.10in / 66.50cm x 28.10cm 
  • Weight: 12.00lbs / 5.50kg 
  • Height: 2.75in / 7.00cm 
  • User Feet Range: 6in - 12in / 15cm - 30cm 
  • User Weight Limit: 400lbs / 181kg 

Movemate is handcrafted in Canada using locally sourced, high-quality, and sustainable materials. Each board is finished using an eco-friendly coating and is almost 100% recyclable.

    Feel Better
    Release tension in your mind and body.

    Work Better
    Sustain higher energy and focus all day.

    Live Better
    Build strength and lead an active lifestyle.

    Exercise muscles, mobilize joints, stimulate circulation, and train proprioception.

    • Beat pain and discomfort.
    • Correct posture.
    • Reduce fatigue.
    • Strengthen muscles.
    • Curb stress.
    • Boost productivity.

    Movemate upgrades your standing desk setup to easily incorporate healthy movement habits into your desk-bound workday.

    The patent-pending flexible platform enables dynamic movements that feel natural and activate your body holistically while keeping you in full control.

    • Fluid motion
    • User friendly
    • Focus friendly
    • Fun to use
    • Easy to store and move
    • Aesthetic appearance

    30-day money back

    Experience Movemate with peace of mind. Exclusive to USA and Canada.

    Sustainably made

    Handcrafted in Canada using high quality locally sourced sustainable materials.

    Approved by experts

    Built and tested with physiotherapists, podiatrists, and wellness experts.

    Fuel your body

    Beat discomfort

    Keep your body mobile to fight stiffness, muscle imbalances, and pain.

    Correct posture

    Train body awareness and activate stabilizer muscles to improve posture.

    Reduce fatigue

    Boost blood flow, oxygen supply, and energy creation during the workday.

    Strengthen muscles

    Simultaneously exercise muscles along your core, back, and lower body.

    Curb stress

    Movement reduces stress hormones and increases feel-good hormones.

    Boost productivity

    Feel awake and engaged, and fidget away restless energy to focus better.

    Stay active with little effort
    and zero disruption

    Get active in seconds

    Fluid motion

    Each slat moves independently, allowing for smooth dynamic movements.

    User friendly

    A dynamic low elevation platform ensures extra stability and control.

    Focus friendly

    Full control allows you to easily dictate tempo to fit your work needs.

    Fun to use

    3D design unlocks a playful experience with a variety of moves to explore.