Movement Coach Emily answers "what is movemate?" and shares her experience

Movement Coach Emily answers

Emily Gooding is an Ottawa-based Registered Nurse, Movement Coach, Thai Massage Expert, and founder of Human Home Ottawa.

We caught up with Emily after several months of using Movemate to learn about her experience. She was kind enough to create this video for her Instagram audience since she had many questions about the board!

To summarize, these were Emily's thoughts:

Movemate is easy enough so that it doesn't disrupt your workflow, but stimulating enough to encourage movement and keep you energized throughout your day.

When I'm working at my standing desk, I often find myself standing in static positions throughout the day. This board helps me access frequent active movement because it is easy to use, and I feel safe while I'm on it.

It has individually moving slats. It is super fun to use and feels fantastic on my feet.

The board is quite dynamic! So while working, you can lift, shift, flex, and twist just by using your feet.

Try combining some of these movements or squatting while you're on it.

You can use the board with shoes on, but I prefer to stand barefoot so I can get lots of articulation through the joints of my feet.
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